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We have created a Social Media Toolkit for Twitter to help you promote the Global Coalition on Youth Mental Health. The Toolkit includes a variety of materials that describe and highlight the Coalition’s work. Below you will find a list of tweets and images that you may post at any time.

Thank you for all that you do.

We are #195forMentalHealth.


  • .@y_mentalhealth’s goal is to magnify the progress of global groups working to boost access to #mentalhealth resources #195forMentalHealth
  • Mondays can be challenging, but offering progress 2 those dealing with #mentalhealth issues is exactly what motivates us #195forMentalHealth
  • Orgs from the US, UK, Canada & Australia have partnered w/ @y_mentalhealth. Hope to see more countries involved soon #195forMentalHealth
  • 1 in 5 adolescents experience mental illness. @y_mentalhealth wants everyone 2 know they’ll be heard when asking 4 help #195forMentalHealth
  • If you haven’t yet, follow @y_mentalhealth on Twitter and be on the lookout for their Facebook page #195forMentalHealth
  • Use #195forMentalHealth when posting on social to make increasing resources for treating mental illness a global topic of conversation
  • Always seeking partners to join us & @y_mentalhealth to destigmatize #mentalhealth. Sign up here #195forMentalHealth
  • What’s the #OneThing you turn to when feeling hopeless? Learn more about #Hope2017 from @iFredorg
  • Share how you rediscover a hopeful state of mind during @iFredorg’s #Hope2017 campaign #195forMentalHealth
  • .@y_mentalhealth’s work reminds us that nothing can be done about #mentalhealth until all countries make it a priority #195forMentalHealth
  • Studies show that 36% of girls experience depression before age 18. Join @y_mentalhealth to raise awareness worldwide #195forMentalHealth
  • 1 in 5 people experience mental illness. We want everyone to know their voice will be heard when they ask for help #195forMentalHealth
  • We want everyone to know their voice is heard when asking 4 help, and that means making #mentalhealth a global priority #195forMentalHealth

Social Media Images

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